Unique Wedding Cakes with Fountains in San Diego for Wedding

Fountain Wedding Cakes

Wedding CakeBecause of huge choices of wedding cakes today, it is really hard to choose something that will fit into your wedding. For most brides, wedding cakes in San Diego, CA is the identity of wedding celebration. Whatever cake you choose will reflect to your personality.

You should bear in your mind that trend is just statement. It doesn’t matter if you are going to choose traditional wedding cake as long as it is what you want. Meaning, every decision making you made should always base on what you want and that includes the San Diego wedding cake .

One of the most traditional wedding cake that is available in the market today is the cake with fountains. Such wedding cake covers huge area of the table because of the fountain and mini pond. Having this kind of cake in your wedding add dramatic element to the wedding event. There are different varieties of fountain wedding cake in San Diego, CA.

When choosing fountain cake it is important that the topper complement the entire cake. Because of its luxurious look it is important that the topper will match the cake. You can use letter topper with studs or crystals. It will help the cake to lift the mood. The actual water that flowing in the fountain is show stopper; it can wow your guests and make your wedding memorable.

If in case you are in a tight budget, you don’t need to have such customized cake. You can purchase different sizes of traditional wedding cake and put it tray with different heights and place the mini fountain at the center that your wedding caterers may provide you. Most of the time, wedding caterer has mini fountain to decorate the buffet table. You can always take advantage of this without spending another dollar. However, it is important to ask the caterer ahead of time so that you can find other options if there is no available fountain from them.


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