Strategies in Planning for Your Houston, TX Wedding Venue

How to Strategically Plan for the Wedding Venue

Wedding venueIt will be a downfall to your wedding planning if you haven’t found a good venue and best food. Almost every detail of your wedding is highly dependent on the venue, so you should do your best to book the most excellent choice among the long list of providers.

Booking a wedding venue in Houston, TX is very critical. As much as possible, you need to prepare for a strategy. Here are some of the best professional practices that you can follow:

Settle the big requirements first.

According to professionals, there are four things that you should prioritize when planning for the wedding venue and these are budget, date of the event, number of attendees and space requirement. Once you finished ironing out these 4 requirements, everything else will just follow. The negotiation with the service provider will always start with these four.

Headcount should be realistic.

If there is one rule about the headcount, it is not to estimate high if the venue you are going to book is small. The venue should fit the number of the guests comfortably. If you over-count then the guests will surely look like sardines as they move against each other inside the reception. Moreover, a high headcount will lead you into more financial trouble because it means you need to add more for the food and beverage budget. Not only that, a high number of guests will make you spend extra for the rentals of chairs, tables and other facilities.

Multiple venue quotes.

If you already know the cost of the venue you are dealing with, it is an SOP to check other providers as well by requesting for the quotation. According to experts, you can take advantage of the venue providers’ comprehensive service by simply checking each other’s quote. There is no need for you to have ten quotes or more; three or four is enough. As the old saying says, too much will be confusing while too little is not that convincing.  

Each couple has preferences when it comes to wedding venue in Houston, TX. There are those who want to have an elegant indoor wedding. On the other hand, there are couples who love to savor the sunny outdoors. Whatever your choice is, it is important that you checked each detail thoroughly before signing the contract. To get perfect venue visit

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