Selection Tips of First Wedding Dance Song in Houston, TX

Wedding Dance Song Selection

Wedding danceAside from the venue and catering service you also need to plan for your wedidng dance. If you think that picking a song for your first dance is easy, wait until you are finished listing down your favorite songs and wedding music. Sometimes, you can say that it is easier if you have assigned the task to other people. Wedding dance in Houston, TX is an important part of your reception so it should be treated with utmost priority. The dance will not be completed without the song as well; these two should be decided together.  

However, not all couples are ready when it comes to the selection process. Here are some of best tips from previous couples that will surely help you:

Find a common thread in your music interest. There are some couples who are total opposites when it comes to music selection. However, there will always be a connecting thread somewhere in between. The best thing to do is list down all of your favorite music, narrow it down per genre or per artist and decide. Remember that it is best to dance in a song that you both love rather than show no interest. There should always be a connection.

Look for steps and lyrics that describe your relationship

In every song and dance you are choosing, there should be a connection. According to previous couples, it is easier to dance to the song that has lyrics which are connected to your story. It is like dancing naturally to a tune, not forcing it. The song can be about how you met each other for the first time, how you dated and etc.

Choose a beat that will make you dance

If you have a wedding dance instructor, it means that you can learn anything that you want for as long as you have the proper determination. However, there are some couples who are not natural dancers. According to previous couples, you don’t need to dance as if you are a professional dancer. You dance because it is asked of you and the guests need to see you two in harmony in the dance floor. One way of moving naturally is to learn some basic steps that are easy to memorize. The next thing to do is pick a beat that can make you catch up. Most of all, practice is the key.

After 10 years or so, you will remember your first wedding dance in Houston, TX. In order for you not to live with regrets, you should pour your heart out in terms of selecting music for your first wedding dance. This moment is perfect if captured in a wedding video.

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